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Looking for your used equipment


Do you have pumps just sitting around collecting dust? Do you need to upgrade to a different model or size?

We will be happy to work with you to trade in your existing equipment for CASH or for trade in value on something different. We are always looking for pumps for inventory.

Here are some we are looking for:

Edwards E2M18

Edwards E2M30

Edwards E2M28

Edwards E2M40

Edwards E2M175

Edwards E2M275

Leybold D4B

Leybold D8B

Leybold D16B

Leybold D25B

Leybold D40B

Leybold D65B

Leybold D65BCS

Alcatel 2008A

Alcatel 2015SD

Alcatel 2021SD

Alcatel 2033

Alcatel 2033SD

Alcatel 2063

Alcatel 2063SD

Welch 1402

Welch 1397

Welch 1376

Stokes 412

Stokes 212

Too Many More to list! Drop us a line.

get somethong of value for your vacuum pumps that you no longer need. We can find a home for your unwanted equipment.

Please don't forget we have a webstore with over 5000 items ready to purchase. From clamps to filters to pumps to oil, we have what you are looking for.

We also provide 1st class service on your pumps! Proper service will prolong the life of your pump and save you time and money. 

SALE-Reconditioned Welch 1397 Pumps

It's a great time to get a reconditioned Welch 1397 pump. These sturdy belt drive pumps are real powerhouses. They are built to perform. It's a 17cfm belt drive pump. Click link below for full specs.http://www.vacuumpumpsupply.com/welch-1397-pump-reconditioned/

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Time to get Organized

It's the new year! Don't you think that it is time to get yourself together and be prepared for what life throws at you? Don't wait for your equipment to fail. Now if the time to get your spares in order. Make sure you have repair kits on hand to minimize down time. If your [...]

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Huge Sale on XDS5 and XDS10 Tip Seal Kits

SAVE over $100 on Edwards XDS5 and XDS10 Tip Seal KitsClick here for details

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New Enhanced Search Function- Better for YOU!

One of the challenges we have is presenting all of our products in a way that is easy for our customers to find what they are looking for. With over 5000 items, that can be difficult. It is something that we are constantly working on and something that will never cease. Our goal is to [...]

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nXDS10i Product spotlight

Product Spotlight- Edwards nXDS10i Dry Scroll PumpNEW Edwards nXDS10i Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump. 7.5CFM.100 - 127 V, 200 - 240 V, 1ph 50 - 60 HzClick here for details

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Winter Storm Stella

Hey folks,We have had a huge amount of snow dumped on us. It will probably delay things for a few days. We appreciate your patience.VPS

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Time for a Tuneup

Got a question for you. When was the last time your pump was serviced? If that's not a question you can easily answer, then it's been too long. We have all of the items you need to keep your pumps running at peak performance. Repair kits, oil, and more. If you are not a person [...]

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NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT- Welch Vacuum Products Now Available!

We have some exciting news! We are now able to offer you new Welch Vacuum pumps and accessories. We have begun to add these products to our website. This is great news for us and all of our customers. We have always offered refurbished Welch pumps, but now we can also offer you brand new [...]

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Product Spotlight- Leybold Trivac Oil Sealed Vacuum pumps

Today we will take a look at some of the finest oil sealed 2 stage vacuum pumps on the market. The Leybold Trivac B and BCS series have set the standard for excellence for years.Reliable vacuum pumps for long lasting operation and rough applications.Oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps are being used in all areas [...]

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