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Great Sales!

25th Aug 2022

Check out our Sale page. Lots of items in stock and on sale!!!

Overnight Orders

21st Jul 2022

ALWAYS check stock before placing an overnight order. There are still long delays on a lot of products due to global issues. Please send us

Price Increase Aug1

21st Jul 2022

We have been notified that prices will be going up Aug 1. You still have time to lock in lower prices now with an order.These are increases

Supply Chain Issues and Delays

6th May 2022

Hello Valued Customer!We are still experiencing major delays within our industry. Just when we think it may be improving, it takes a downwar


24th Apr 2022

Please understand that if you choose USPS Priority Mail as a shipping method, your package will likely not arrive in the 2-3 days that they

Weather Delays

18th Jan 2022

To add to the Global Supply chain issues, all major carries are experienceing weather delays here in the Northeast dues to some bad weather