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Mineral Oil (LEYBONOL LVO 1XX)

Mineral oil are products distilled and refined from crude oil. These do not consist of precisely defined constitu- ents but rather consist of a complex mixture. The way in which the mineral oil is pre-treated and its composition is decisive as to the applications it will be suited for. Depending on the distributi- on of the hydrocarbons and the domi- nance of certain properties, mineral oil are grouped according to paraffin- base, naphthenic and aromatic. For the purpose of attaining especially low ulti- mate pressures, mineral oil must be selected on the basis of a core fraction.

The thermal and chemical resistance of mineral oil has been found to be ade- quate in the majority of applications. They offer a high degree of compatibili- ty with elastomers and resistance to hydrolysis.

Mineral oil also include the group of hydrocracked oil. These are frequently also termed semi-synthetic oil. Hydro- cracked oil are produced under a very high hydrogen pressure at high tempe- rature and are substantially free of aro- matic compounds and olefins.

Hydrocracking oil exhibit a higher ther- mal stability compared to conventional mineral oil. In most cases the intervals between the oil changes can be extended.