Vacuum Pump Repair Services

Vacuum Pump Repair and Rebuilding Services

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VPS offers a comprehensive range of Vacuum Pump repair services. Please contact us with your needs so we may send you a quote. Having a vacuum pump serviced by us means peace of mind.

Not all rebuilds are the same! Be wary of companies that only offer a short warranty period, or do not do a complete disassembly and cleaning of all parts

All vacuum pump rebuild prices include disassembly, inspection & cleaning. Replacement of seals, gasket, springs, o-rings & valves. Other parts replaced as required upon approval for an extra charge. 


Pricing does not include damaged vanes, stators, plates or rotors.

Fast turnaround
Full Disassembly
Multistep Decontamination and Cleaning Process
All wear items inspected
Rebuild kit installed
24 hour test run
Repainted if needed
One year warranty on parts and labor








Notification via fax or email will be given, prior to rebuilding, if additional parts are needed.

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